Septic System Installation (Septic Tank and Drainfield)


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A septic system uses natural processes to treat and dispose of sewage.

1- The septic tank provides the first step of treatment. It separates and stores solids, grease and oils from sewage so the excess liquids go to the drainfield.

2- The drainfield and the soil underneath provides most of the treatment. The drainfield is under the ground and uses approved drainfield products to spread the partially treated sewage across the bottom of the drainfiled so it can percolate (filter) down through the soil.

3- The soil acts as a filter to remove disease -causing germs, some nitrogen and other pollutants.

4- The goal is to reduce the discharge of oxygen-depleting constituents, and other pollutants in septic systems into rivers or seas and reducing pollutants from reaching Biscayne through surface water and groundwater.


1- Pump the tank regularly
2- Only flush human waste and toilet paper
3- Do not pour strong chemicals cleaners or unwanted medications down the drains or toilet
4- Do not pour cooking oil or grease down your drains
5- Do not allow back wash from water softners to enter the septic system
6- Conserve water
7- Consider installing the laundry system separately